What is Real Asset DAO?

Governance and Ownership
Real Asset DAO (RAD) is tokenized shares of the corporation Real Asset DAO Inc. a startup that aims to disrupt the real estate industry and add another layer of profitability to it, targeting everyday homeowners and providing them with a revenue stream that can aid in affordability. Even though it is dramatically different, our project will render the reverse mortgage obsolete. We want to bring DeFi to property owners so they can be AMMs and liquidity providers to profit off their idle equity.
In order to do this, we need to build an entire infrastructure that brings in a tapestry of revenue streams in order to secure a sound and reasonable return. We are in the early stages and there is a long way to go. We want to share our vision with all real estate owners: residential, commercial, & industrial in the hopes that they will see it and help us build it. We will be offering a secure and safe method of tokenizing & staking equity and, in return, ownership of RAD and ownership in our company. We are only offering this to the early adopters that join us in this journey; after we launch the RAN blockchain, this will no longer be an option for new property owners coming in and staking. They will still earn interest & rewards, but they will have to buy RAD rather than earning it.
Eventually, our platform will be the go-to blockchain for all of the real estate industry's needs. A majority of projects offer a variety of services today to the real estate industry utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. We also recognize that Ethereum will most likely become one of the backbones of the future internet, interconnecting and servicing a plethora of web services. It will also be advantageous for us from a security standpoint to have a direct link "bridge" to Ethereum, but also as a gateway to another ecosystem of value that will synergize & secure our network.