What we are proposing

The playbook
We are going to build a platform that is real estate centric. Real assets such as real estate, which will be our first and primary focus, have a massive amount of value and is the largest in the world. Our platform will be an ecosystem with many blockchains that will work together to feed the needs of the industry. Our platform will be transparent, immutable, will keep private data private, and will have POR (Proof of Reserves).
Our primary goal for this project is to bring DeFi to everyday homeowners but we intend to be one of many competing foundational platforms for a massive industry. In order to bring sound, sustainable, safe, and secure profits to our clients and we intend to build the following:
  • Real Asset DAO (RAD) our governance token.
  • Layer 1 blockchain Real Asset Network (RAN).
  • Title & equity NFTs.
  • A DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for trading assets.
  • AMM's, & Liquidity providers for DeFi.
  • 1913 $Dollar (1913) our anti-inflationary stable coin (more stable than stable coins).
  • REIT DAO (Real Estate Investment Trust DAO) our real estate investment arm, a digital REIT.
  • Charter-chains for varying branches of the real estate industry such as lenders, banks, KYC, inspection companies, Title, & gov't agencies (ie: IRS & county recorders).
  • Web 3 integration.
  • Bridges to other public blockchains for added security like Bitcoin, & Ethereum.